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association modifier
Association Modifier 1.2
Last update: 16 May 2006
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Association Modifier is a simple application for handling associations built by DirXML drivers. Most problems relating to creation, deletion and modification of associations come up in the development phase of DirXML projects, or later when modification are done in a working environment. These tasks had to be done manually in the past as there were no tools available for these operations. If you wanted to delete and rebuild all associations, you had to delete and recreate the driver.

With Association Modifier you can query, modify and delete DirXML associations belonging to different drivers. In addition the application provides the option to export existing associations. After editing the exported file with a spreadsheet processor, it can be imported back to the directory.

The application doesn't require installation and is able to run on any Windows NT/2000/XP workstations with Novell Client installed.

targets of the application
Association Modifier can be useful in the following situations:
  • Having several drivers, it can be quite difficult to determine which objects are not properly synchronized, and so their associations are not in Processed state.
    There were no tools until now to make these sorts of queries fast and simply.
  • The method for deleting DirXML associations between objects in synchronized applications used to be the deletion and recreation of the corresponding driver object.
    This was quite a time-assuming and complicated procedure. In Association Modifier all associations can be deleted with some easy actions without having to modify or delete the driver.
  • After a migration, the associations of some objects often remain in Migrate state. These objects cannot be migrated later, since there is no change in the association state that could trigger the process.
    Using the tool the association state of these objects can be queried and modified, so these objects will migrate to the synchronized application with the next migration.
  • Before modifying existing associations it is possibe to make a backup copy using the application. The associations can be restored any time from previously saved data.
  • Association Modifier can also be used when only a set of objects has to be migrated. The exported objects and associations can be sorted and edited using a spreadsheet processor, and the required objects can be imported back to the directory (with association state Migrate).