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Last updated: 8 Oct 2007
Eval lincense until the end of December

eDirectory management has never been easier!

eDir Manager is an LDAP-based client utility for the export and import of directory objects and attributes to and drom csv files. It is a powerful tool for system engineers doing mass operations in large eDirectory tree structures. In a typical scenario users can select attributes in an eDirectory tree to be exported in a csv (comma-separated) file and as soon as mass operations (eg. server name replacements) have been completed changed data can be imported back in the directory. It can also be used to back up and restore directory data before risky operations as well as for statistical reasons.

 main features






main features
  • Intuitive GUI (currently Win32 only).
  • Wizard-driven and step-by-step configuration modes.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Optimized LDAP queries for quick eDirectory operation.
  • eDirectory 8.5 and higher compatible.
  • SSL connection support.
  • LDAP v3 suppoer.
  • Multiple source and target codepage (eg. UTF8) support in both directions for international conversions.
  • Automatic object creation during import.
You can download the software from http://www.npsh.hu/download/edirmanager_1.0.zip.

The evaluation license file limited to 50 eDirectory objects and timebombed until the end of the month can be downloaded from http://www.npsh.hu/download/edirmanager_lic_1.0.zip.
eDir Manager is licensed by the eDirectory tree.
The product is registered to a certain directory tree, meaning you are kindly required to provide us with not only the name of your organization but also your directory tree name which we include in the license. (Most certainly, if you need to change the directory tree name, we will provide you with a different (again personalized) license file at no futher charge.)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask emsales@npsh.hu.
Licenses are granted for eDirectory trees so the price below apply within one eDirectory tree.

eDir Manager full price: €199

The price is stated in Euros, the price for other currencies are calculated at the actual spot-rates at the time of the order.
Unfortunately we can not accept credit card payment, only wire transfers and cheque are supported.
how to order
The purchase method is very simple:
Send an email with the subject "eDir Manager ORDER" to the following address: emsales@npsh.hu. Provide the following information in the body of the message:
  • name of the eDirectory TREE,
  • name of the organization,
  • billing address,
  • an order number for further reference,
  • EU VAT number (European Union members only, note: if you do not have one, an extra 20% VAT will be surcharged),
  • the currency to be invoiced in (EUR or USD).
As a reply you recieve the invoice in a reply in the form of a PDF document within two working days. The message also contains a customized but timebombed license file.
As soon as the money has been wired, you recieve a non-expiring license in a new email message.
The price includes phone support for the product in regular working times (Monday to Friday 9 AM - 5 PM in GMT+1) or via email: emsupport@npsh.hu.