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sync center 2.25
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Last updated: 27 Jan 2010
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Based on the huge success of the previous versions, Sync Center v2.25 offers even greater performance and rich feature set long awaited by our customers. Cross-tree operation and Unicode support are just a few of the enhancements provided, with full support for NSS volumes hosted on OES/Linux servers.

Sync Center is an easy-to-use piece of software that allows copying files, directories or even whole volumes among NetWare servers. Its operation is based on a schedule; it basically requires only a one-time setting and then it will automatically maintain the synchronized status: it copies the newly created or modified files and deletes the removed files on the target server. It consists of two main parts: the NLM application running on the server performs the actual synchronization and a user interface running on the workstation provides means for easy configuration.

what's new in v2.25

new features of v2.0

main features




how to order

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what's new in v2.25?
  • Limit files by date
    Synchronization can be limited to files created and/or modified within a specified time frame.
  • Log files can be post-processed
    Post job NCF files are called with the actual thread log filename as a parameter, allowing post-processing (emailing, archiving etc) as needed.
  • Eliminated several differences between NCP and TSA mode
    Modified the way Skip Delete Inhibit files and Protect read-only files options are handled, so they work alike no matter which mode is actually used.
new features of v2.0
  • Improved performance
    TSA/SMDR makes it possible to achieve unprecedented data transfer rates over WAN links, where pure NCP connections might not be very efficient
  • Cross-tree operation
    Data transfer between servers belonging to different eDirectory trees are supported (TSA/SMDR only).
  • Cross-platform support
    In addition to the wide range of NetWare server versions, TSA/SMDR technology allows you to transfer files to/from NSS volumes of an OES/Linux server. (Note: the NLM still needs to be run on a NetWare server)
  • Cluster-friendly licensing
    Whenever a virtual server name is specified in the config file, which is the most common and preferred way in case of a cluster, licensing is enforced on the assigned physical cluster nodes instead. This change was introduced to apply the same principle among clustered and non-clustered volumes: there is no limit on the number of volumes, only the physical servers have to be licensed.
  • Full metadata transfer
    The remaining bits of metadata can now be transferred, like user and directory quotas.
  • Unicode path names
    File and directory names are transferred between TSA agents in UTF-8 format, eliminating any previous issues in multilingual environments
main features
  • Copying and synchronizing files and subdirectories among NetWare and OES/Linux servers
  • Copying and synchronizing files and subdirectories among the DOS and NetWare partitions of NetWare servers
  • Copying long file names
  • Copying file system attributes and IRM
  • Copying file system rights
  • Grouping capabilities, copying the same content to several servers
  • Scheduling by groups and by servers
  • Priority settings
  • Filtering by subdirectories and applications
  • Notifying users about applications to be copied
  • Only modified files are transferred
  • Synchronization for any changes or copying only newer files
  • Deleting files/subdirectories on the target server that were erased from the source
  • Updating constantly open files
  • Stopping applications for the time of the copy
  • Bandwidth limitations
  • Logging
  • Easy-to-use user interface (Win32) to create the settings
  • NetWare 5.1, 6.x, OES compatible

Sync Center is licensed by the server (i.e., server license regardless of user count) with continuous right of use. The number of licences needed is the total number of physical servers involved in the replication. In case of clusters, the physical nodes are licensed instead of the virtual server names associated with clustered volumes. In practice this means you should always purchase at least 2 licences, except if you would like to use the product between volumes or DOS and NetWare partitions with SyncDOS.

The product is registered to one or more directory trees, meaning you are kindly required to provide us with not only the name of your organization but also your directory tree names.

Most certainly, if you need to change the directory tree names, we will provide you with a different license at no further charge.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Sync Center v2.25 full price
1-5 servers
6-10 servers
11-20 servers
21-35 servers
36-50 servers
51-99 servers
unlimited servers

Prices are stated in Euros, the prices for other currencies are calculated at the actual spot-rates at the time of the order. Price range is determined by taking all your previous orders into consideration. Unfortunately we can not accept credit card payment at this time, only wire transfers and cheque are supported.


Updating from an existing Sync Center v2.x version is free, just download and replace the files with their new versions and reload the NLM.
If you purchased a previous v1.x version, the following upgrade prices apply.
Sync Center v2.25 upgrade price
1-5 servers 199 €/server
6-10 servers 190 €/server
11-20 servers 180 €/server
21-35 servers 173 €/server
36-50 servers 165 €/server
51-99 servers 150 €/server
unlimited servers 14.950 €/tree
Be aware that the licensing scheme has been changed, you might need more or less licenses than before when operating Sync Center v2.25 in clustered environments.

how to order

The purchase method is very simple.

Send an email with the subject: "Sync Center ORDER" to the following address: syncsales@npsh.hu Provide the following information in the body of the message:

  • number of licenses (number of servers) required,
  • name of eDirectory tree(s),
  • name of the organization,
  • billing address,
  • an order number for further reference,
  • EU VAT number (European Union members only. note: if you do not have one, an extra 25% VAT will be surcharged)
  • the currency to be invoiced in (EUR or USD).

As a reply you receive the invoice in the form of a PDF document within two working days. The message also contains a customized but timebombed license file. As soon as the money has been wired, you receive a non-expiring license in a new email message.

previous versions

Sync Center v1.50 remains supported but is no longer offered for sale.


The price includes phone support for the product in regular working times (Monday to Friday 9 AM - 5 PM in GMT+1) or via email: syncsupport@npsh.hu.